Lessons are based on a class that meets 4 days a week for 50 minutes. It took me 15 class periods to teach the preliminary chapter.

These video lesson plans concern alphabet , numbers, and roll call.
Day 1
  • Intro Bonjour la classe/Bonjour Madame
  • Make sure student books have their names in them
  • P. 2 book "Day 1 vocab"
  • Intro roll call: So-and-So, tu es là?/Je suis là
  • Practice Bonjour, tu es là? Comment tu t'appelles?
  • Intro this wiki (remind students to bookmark bar the site)
  • Intro bâtons and beaux bâtons participation system
  • Practice greeting, roll and name w/ bâtons
    • Bonjour (bonjour, Madame)
    • Comment tu t'appelles? (Je m'appelle ...)
    • Tu es là? (Je suis là)
  • Practice "Il/Elle n'est pas là", "Il/Elle s'appelle ..."
      • Have students put heads down on desks so they can't see. Teacher touches shoulder of 2 males and 2 females in 10 seconds.
      • Heads up, teacher opens door, all students stand up and move to different seat. The 4 whose shoulders were touched sneak out the door and wait for roll to be over. The rest of the class says "Il/Elle n'est pas là" for those not there. Repeat 3 times.
*Greet, Roll, Name Warm-Up

Day 2:
  • Remind all to have earphones and expos everyday in class
    • Bonjour. Tu es là? Comment tu t'appelles?
    • Practice "il n'est pas là/elle n'est pas là"
      • Repeat yesterday's game of tapping shoulders. Make note of who you tap, so no one is left out.
  • Continue day 1 plan if needed

Day 3:
  • Earphones and expos needed today
  • Practice mini dialog before oral quizzes
    • During in class laptop practice OR worksheets in book, do individual oral mini-quizzes
      • Bonjour/Bonjour, Madame
      • Tu es là? Je suis là
      • Comment tu t'appelles? Je m'appelle So-and So
  • During oral quizzes, students fill out Roll Call flashcards (tell them how to get started)

*Roll Call Flashcard Accuracy

*Name Greet Roll Mini Oral Quiz

Day 4:
  • Greet, roll, name warm-up w/ bâtons
  • Intro "babies" -à la, à l', chez le, à mon, aux, etc
      • P. 5 in book-notes on leaving room ("Je peux aller à la fontaine, aux toilettes, à mon casier, s.v.p.?")
        • On board, far apart from each other are pics of (1) fountain, (2) restroom, (3) locker, (4) nurse
        • 1/3 of class gets a little flashcard w/ 1, 2, 3 or 4 on it (indicating where to go)
        • Each student (of the 1/3) asks to go to a place. Teacher says, "Oui, vas-y" and student gets up and stands in front of picture.
        • Once all have asked, ask the rest of the class, "Emily, tu es là?" (Emily is already standing in front of a pic)
          • (Class) "Non, elle n'est pas là" (Teacher) "Elle est en retard? Elle est malade" (Class) "Elle est aux toilettes" (Teacher turns) "Emily, tu es en retard. Où étais-tu?" (Emily) "Je m'excuse, Madame. J'étais aux toilettes" (Teacher) "Installe-toi"
          • Help prompt the students, of course. This could take a long time if your class is big.
*Roll Call "Babies"

Day 5:
  • Q & A roll call image recognition practice (audio on "Roll Call in Images" Quizlet Set)
  • Show "Roll Call Role Play" video
  • Do "Roll Call Role Play"
  • Roll Call "Montrez-moi"
  • Roll Call "Loto"/"Toutes blanches"
  • Finish up w/ Q & A
*Roll Call Montrez-Moi
*Roll Call Roll Play

*Roll Call Loto
*Roll Call Tous Blancs
*Roll Call Babies Q & A (similar to what I did w/ "Roll Call in Images" set

Day 6:

Day 7:
  • Check homework
  • Go over pages 7-8 (save 9 for later)
  • Finish "DOTS" (see day 6)
  • Homework-Study for written and oral quizzes

Day 8:
  • Finish dots (from day 6-if applicable)
  • "Autour de moi"
  • "Avalanche"
  • P. 9-10
*Roll Call Babies Autour de Moi

*Roll Call Avalanche

Day 9:
  • Written and Oral quizzes on Roll Call
  • Practice alphabet online during orals (or study notes in book)

Day 10:
  • Finish roll call group audios
  • Check online homework proof

Day 11:
  • Online proof due (Alpha Name Dictée-speak it-35 correct
  • Announce chefs (top 3 grades after quizzes graded)
  • Practice "Chef Bleu, qui n'est pas là?, Chef Blanc, qui n'est pas là?, Chef Rouge, qui n'est pas là?" and "Personne"
  • DOTS
    • Groupe Bleu- Panel activity w/ spelling 3 names and listening to the rest of names (points vary-1 pt per listening and 2 pts per speaking)
    • Groupe Blanc-hand-write p. 11 number notes, finish pages 12-12
    • Groupe Rouge-work online-top 3 boxes on numbers page (or work in book)
  • Homework- notes on p. 11, 12-13

Day 12:
  • Check homework
    • book pgs 11-13
    • go over answers
  • Finish DOTS from previous class
    • Groupe Rouge-panel
    • Groupe Blanc-online work (or pgs 9 & 10)
    • Groupe Rouge-pages 9&10
    • Rotate to Groupe Blanc
  • Homework-practice numbers online
  • Online proof-"Numbers 0-20"-SPELLER-75% complete or more

Day 13
  • Check online proof
  • Finish up dialogs from p. 10 (10 mins)
  • Review the numbers (3 @ a time)
  • Numbers "Autour de moi"-"3 at a time"
    • "Print cards" from the numbers Quizet, laminate, cut, separate-show 1 square w/ 3 numerals
Autour de moi

ALTERNATIVE ACTIVITY!!! Numbers Panel (make 0-20-video shows 0-60)

Day 14
  • Review for Preliminary Chapter TEST
  • Present and vote P. 10 group dialogs
    • 0-20 circle(form circle and each counts ext #-once there is mistake, person BEFORE mistake gets beau bâton)
      • Start again at 0 once a mistake is made
  • Numbers Desk Search
    • use printed "3 at a time" Quizlet set numbers and place 2 numeral squares and 2 worded number sets on each desk.
    • 2 students in desks at front of classroom-"Hot seats" (Les chaises chaudes) and each reads out numbers OUT of order
    • 3 volunteers search the desks and pick up the series before the other 2, get beau bâton and put number series EXACTLY where is was on the student desk. The same 3 students listen for the next 3 series. Continue the round. You may not be able to let everyone read numbers . . .
  • Numbers Avalanche
  • Double Baby Bingo
    • Either make them yourself or have the students make them during the activities. They need 10 3X5 index cards CUT in half and have them write the NUMERALS on the index cards. Each has a different number ranging from 1-20. Every other student can cut one more index cards and write 0 (zero) on it and give that to neighboring student so all students have 0-20
    • Students place 2 sets of 3X3 cards on desk
    • Teacher calls out numbers, students turn numbers over and try to get a Bingo.
    • Student gets 1 bâton for Bingo and 1 beau bâton opportunity is (s)he says all 3 numbers correctly
Numbers Circle

# Desk Search

Numbers Avalanche

Day 15
  • Written test on alphabet, roll call, numbers
  • Oral Quiz on alphabet, roll call, numbers
  • Start school supply flashcards