These video lesson plans concern cafés.

  • Set up "la cuisine"
    Cuisine Prep
  • Day 1 : Intro notes, start making menus (print out menu, give them construction paper & markers, have them glue/tape/staple copy of menu to their pretty paper, they give title to café and decorate-it's quick and there are no mistakes
    • cafe_prep_2010.png
      Café Prep

  • Day 2: Show Paris Café Video Series & finish up menus
  • Day 3: Write notes on board as to what the students say-Teacher is server-
    • Students express thirst
    • Teacher acknowledges and takes drink orders per table
      • teacher gives invisible drinks or empty cups
      • Students express hunger
      • Teacher acknowledges and asks for food order
      • Teacher either delivers invisible food or pictures of food (see "La cuisine")
      • Students say how food looks "Ça a l'air délicieux!"
      • Teacher "Allez, goûtez!... Vous aimez?
      • Students express how they like it "C'est délicieux!"
      • Teacher comes back later after all tables served, "Fini? C'était comment?"
      • Students-"C'était bon!"
      • Students until real café are varying degrees of "Café Prep"
  • Day 4: More café prep (notes on board)
  • Day 5: More café prep (notes on board)
  • Day 6: More café prep (NO NOTES)-students are ready to be servers, chefs and food runners-use real drinks as motivation??
  • Day 7: Café day! (do 3 max, today- 5 too many!! Do remaining classes another day)

  • Student-Made Café Video Samples

  • cafe_day_2010.png
    Café Day 2010